Buddy Sorrell
Placeholder person
Biographical information
Full Name Maurice Sorrell (Moishe Selig - Yiddish name)
Occupation TV show writer
Gender Male
Race American
Hair color
Eye color
Spouse Pickles Sorrell
First Episode
Last Episode
Portrayed by Morey Amsterdam

Buddy Sorrell is an energetic (and at times facetious) "human joke machine".

Buddy is constantly making fun of Mel Cooley, the show's producer, for being bald and dull. He makes frequent jokes about his marriage to his wife "Pickles." In several episodes, it is mentioned that Buddy is Jewish. He was identified by his Yiddish name, Moishe Selig, when he had his belated bar mitzvah in "Buddy Sorrell – Man and Boy." Additionally, Buddy owns a large German Shepherd named Larry and plays the cello.

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